Solo Music


  • Rivers  (2009), Flute and harpsichord.
  • Three (2009), tenor trombone and piano; Look of Amber, Grammar of Dreams, Fragments of Light.
  • Movements (2008), cello and piano; Rivers of Delight, Song, Snap.
  • n(o)w (2007), bass trombone and piano; Slapped:with;liGhtninG, (we(are like)dead, dis(appeared cleverly)world, ?eartH)N,ew.
  • Harp (2007), Bass trombone and piano (arrangement of the same piece for bass trombone and wind band), three movements.
  • The Elements (2007), Clarinet and piano, four movements.
  •  Chorales (2007-) set of pieces for organ.
  • Preludes and Postludes (2004- ), piano or small organ. For Tom DePlonty.